Business creation and employment in Latvia


I'll start with the point. Without the Latvian go and live a really, learn it though to a level sufficient to talk with the cashier at the store or as a waitress in a cafe - in fact, unrealistic. Imagine that almost the entire vocabulary will learn by heart, analogues in other European languages, there is no. For example service/service will be pakalpošums, this if true catch :) Homes for rent in Riga around Kyiv or at least thicker.

Many of the newest homes are built (razumeû not only for whom), in modern dwellings on the outskirts you can purchase

Work in Latvia for non residents


To the citizen of a third State could be employed at the Latvian employer, need to arrange a work permit in Latvia. Separately, make work permit legislation of the Republic of Latvia does not. Permission is granted to the working of the Schengen visa issued by the only representation or mission accredited to deliver Latvia and to a residence permit (RESIDENCE PERMIT). Accordingly, a document issued by the immigration service of Latvia.

The approval process is not difficult, but only

The labour market in Latvia


Modern Latvian labour market povsevremenno has difficulty - in the era of economic growth in virtually all areas of disadvantage was observed as trained professionals, and low-wage workers. This led to an increase in wages, While comparing with the developed European countries, the productivity of workers itself in Latvia, as was and remains extremely dense. With the advent of the whole famous crisis, wages have declined in both the municipal and the personal sector, unemployment began to rise sharply - at the beginning of 2011

How to get a work permit in Latvia?


How to make a work permit in Latvia, and what limitations there are in a given State for foreign workers. Latvia, like no matter what other country, protects its own labour market, putting value provide employment first own unchanging inhabitants. From time to time have to resort to foreign professionals, for example, When certain appropriate industry professionals and qualifications in the State, or a citizen of a foreign country operates in

Can you live without in Latvia the Latvian language?


For the twentieth anniversary of independence of the Russian language in Latvia is not left out of household items. It is used so extensively, many Latvians worried about prospects of the Latvian language. The referendum initiative on the transfer of all schools to Latvian language of instruction just failed - not enough signatures. On statistics, only 59% inhabitants are Latvians, other - Russian, белорусы, Ukrainians.

They can all be taught in their mother tongue. But such a situation like far not many. 112608 people of the State have signed up for the translation schools